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Exclusively for Glamville: Sarah Reynolds & Christmas in Dubai

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Hi Sarah, as a regular contributor and columnist for Glamville Magazine we want to start our interviews feature on our blog page with taking the first Interview from yourself.

It is ever so exciting to find out more about the Festive Season in Dubai and your views and comparison to your time spent on Christmas there or here in Scotland.

by Nimesha Jayasinghe

What does Christmas in Dubai look like? Are the streets Festive?

Christmas is a totally different experience in Dubai, it feels so weird sitting on a beach in 28 degrees heat with no snow!

For me it’s not really the same unless it’s snowing.. after all Santa does come on a sleigh right? 😜 But in the main areas of Dubai such as Downtown, Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah they do go all out on the decorations.

They do like to be extravagant out here so the places that are decorated are so beautiful! The Christmas Trees in Dubai and Marina Mall are Huge, it’s literally like a scene out of Polar Express! The down side of Christmas out here is most people work Christmas Day as it’s not technically a holiday out here for the Middle East! National holidays start from the 31st to the 2nd of Jan so I’ll look forward to those 😁

What is your favourite Christmas Activity? Do you like to party, stroll markets or completely chill?

My favourite is going to the Christmas Markets! It’s always this that gets me in the festive spirit every year! JBR has a lovely Christmas market this time of year they even build a mini ice rink for the kids it’s lovely! Back home I was more chilled family time but out here it will definitely be Party Time! Dubai is all about the nightlife, you work hard play hard out here! Looking forward to the bells out here big time it’s my favourite day of the whole year!

by Anastasia
by @tkachenkaa

What is your favourite Christmas tree and decor colour scheme?

I loved the snow covered Christmas tree and bought one a couple of years back for the house, but now I think I prefer just the original green tree with silver or gold tinsel. I love having different styles of baubles to give it a bit of character, as long as it’s sparkly with thinly lights im happy!

Tell us your favourite Christmas song and what memories brings to you...

My dad literally used to blast the Christmas songs for two whole weeks every year in the house when I was a child so all the Christmas songs bring back memories for me and bring a tear to my eye hearing them for the first time every year! Takes me right back to my childhood! But fairytale of New York is a defo fave!

Describe your best childhood memory around Christmas...

My mum was always the best at Christmas celebrations. She had a tradition every year which was actually genius! We would go sleep and wake up with fresh new duvet covers on that ‘Santa’ had changed while we were sleeping. Waking up to a new bed spread Christmas morning was literally magical as a child! Also running through to mum and dads room at ridiculous o’clock in the morning with excitement to open our freshly filled stockings! Absolutely loved it!

The three things you want to do this Chritmas?...

Oh..havn't thought about this to be honest but main thing for me is being around loved ones, so out here for me it will be spending time with good friends, good food having good times!

The three things you miss about Christmas in Scotland?...

No1. Is definetly missing my mum, helping decorate each other’s trees planning the Xmas dinner etc also friends from back home! No.2 the snow! As much as I hate the cold and the snow gets frustrating after weeks of it back home I really do miss it! No.3 Would be the festive cheese bites from McDonald’s lol! I was sooo addicted to those and looked forward to them every year back there and they arn't out here ...

The three places you recommend to our readers to visit in Dubai this Christmas?

I’d definitely say you have to go see the fountain show Downtown in front of Burj Khalifa it’s just spectacular! 2. You have to go to Global Village! It’s amazing! It is huge and has places for every county to discover food clothes it’s such a good day/night to explore different cultures! They also have the shows there with Ridley’s believe it or not, which I love! 3. Blue water island! It’s my favourite spot in Dubai and over looks JBR and Marina with Dubai eye big wheel with lovely cafes, restaurants and bars so nice!

When we say Christmas drink what is the first thing that came to mind?

Mulled wine… but I actually don’t like it at all so for me it will be a strawberry daiquiri out here lol!

What kind of gifts you dream of this Christmas?

The gift of a flight ticket to get my mum out here to see her! Can’t believe I’ve been out here for a year already time just flys by here ...it’s scary!

What do you see as the biggest difference between Christmas today and Christmas when you were growing up?

Not having to spend so much money myself haha! It’s an expensive time of year as an adult.. as a child it’s all about the magic and getting spoiled lol!

Is there a tradition you have with a friend or family you never skip around this time of year?

Christmas isn’t Christmas for me and my mum unless there’s a box of matchmaker chocolates 🙊 so we get each other a box every year! I’ll have to get those delivered to her somehow this week though! Lol

If you were served a three course Christmas meal ... What would you want that to include?

A nice chunky lentil soup for starter, turkey or chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings and Raspberry Pavlova for desert as my dad used to make the best Pavlova!

Talking about fashion and glam - what is your ideal Festive Season glam outfit?

I love a nice sparkly dress for Christmas, especially anything red! I have a very extravagant red dress for this year out here and can’t wait to wear it!

What would your bag contain on a Festive night out? Is it a tote? is it a clutch ? is it a purse?

I love clutch bags out here, Dubai is so safe so no need to carry it with you all night either you can leave it on your table the whole night and it will still be there untouched at the end of the night Dubai is so safe! But clutch bags always look great for photos.

What is your Festive season make up and hair style choice?

I’m all about the glam and curls for Christmas. Little bit filter on the eyes to make them sparkle and big loose curls!

To finalise the fashion part of our interview - heels, square heels or flats are your go-to this season and why? Or is it sandals in Dubai?

You can literally wear anything here and know one will think twice it’s a very mixed international city so if you want to go all out glam or cute casual .. you'd fit in anywhere really! But my go to is thigh high stiletto boots! 😍 they go with anything and be dressed up or down and they will always finish an outfit off perfectly!

What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Black Friday? Boxing Day? Post Christmas Sales? Yearlong hoarder?

Unfortunately I’m all of the above… my bank balance doesn’t know what’s hit it at this time of year lol!

If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?


Omg definitely the Grinch!!! Fave Christmas film of all time 😂! Either that or Elf both Always get me in the festive spirit!

Thank you for the the wonderful answers and for the dedicated time, Sarah! Team Glamville want to wish you and all our readers one spectacular December to remember .. in Scotland, Dubai and around the world...

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