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Fashion Community Week California 2023

Revolutionizing the Fashion Scene: California's largest Fashion affair Unveils a Bold Vision

Fashion Community Week, a prominent fashion week platform in Northern California, just concluded its 17th season with a display of creativity and emerging style that left its local fashion industry mesmerized. Building on its rich tradition of promoting California's fashion scene, the award-winning organization garnered widespread attention, showcasing extravagant latest designs and valuable industry insights.

Commencing on September 28th, the three-day fashion extravaganza kicked off with the highly anticipated "Future of Fashion Conference" at the Little Raven Gallery in San Francisco. Immersed in a world of forward-thinking discussions, attendees were treated to insights from industry experts: Dan Robichaud-Carew (Unspun), Ilona Song (Phygital Fashion House), Mpho Hansjee (Women enabled enterprise), Alysson Santos (A.S collection), and Shirin Hashem (Fashion Community Week). These experts delved into topics ranging from innovation, sustainability and education, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of the fashion industry.

The excitement continued on September 29th with the Fashion Week Opening Party at the Members Club: Modernist. This gathering presented fashion enthusiasts with an opportunity to come together in style and kick off the fashion week. The night was abuzz with crafted cocktails, engaging discussions, and glamorous photo sessions, setting the stage for an unforgettable Fashion Community Week experience.

The grand finale of the 17th season took place on September 30th at the Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel. The evening featured a "One-of-a-Kind Fashion Show," revealing current season’s collections from both global and local designers. The runway came alive with brands from France, Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam, Italy, India and few regions of the United States. The lineup of the 8 designers included, You Live to Fly, Zhinh, Mia Deno, Bakana Boutique, Nikki Collection, Ilona Song, Alysson Santos and E.P.P.S. The designs were exhibited by 30 diverse models along with the current Miss California 2023 (Sabrina Lewis) gracing the runway. The evening continued with a celebration gathering with live music.

Fashion Community Week's 17th season stood as a clear demonstration of the organization's steadfast dedication to fostering emerging designers and influencing the trajectory of the fashion industry. With a portfolio encompassing 400 media honors, representation of designers from 66 countries and launching over 600 beauty talents since 2014, the organization is confidently represented not only in California but also on a global scale.

As we reflect on this remarkable event, we extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the 17th season of Fashion Community Week. Stay tuned on our social media channels for more exciting developments from Fashion Community Week, as we continue to evolve and expand both locally and globally. For media inquiries and further information, contact us at:

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