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Please welcome Amelia Scott - a jewellery line motivated by a passion for colour and individuality

Amelia Scott is a new accessories business with headquarters in London that encourages its audience to celebrate individuality and enjoy the great world of colour - and how to wear it well. It was founded by award-winning jewellery and watch designer Jane Hebden. The brand, which will debut towards the end of June 2023, is positioned to establish itself as a go-to for wearable, unusual colours and chic shimmer.

Former Head of Creative at a well-known watch and jewellery company, Jane's designs have been featured in stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. In 2020, she received the Retail Jewellers 30 Under 30 Rising Star Award as well as multiple Watch Pro Awards for her work. Jane has decided to leverage her ten years of industry experience to start designing items that reflect her own personal style and the fun she loves to have with accessories and colour since she feels uninspired by the minimalist companies currently on the market.

The founder's love of vintage, colour, and sparkle are all present in the first Amelia Scott collection. Rich greens, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges blend well with each other. Jewellery prices range from £69 for simpler pieces to £159 for more elaborate designs; most are made of 925 recycled sterling silver and decorated with vibrant cubic zirconia. Along with the jewellery, the company is debuting a line of statement scrunchies with prices starting at £20.

They are elegantly branded boxes that were designed in London and built in the UK, and they make the ideal present. The inaugural collection's micro ranges are all skillfully assembled to guarantee the

There is a clear direction on what can be worn together, and pieces are both collectible and adaptable.

It has never been so simple to stack. Amelia Scott is ideal for gifts because even the opulent velvet wrapping is remarkable in and of itself. It was created to delight the consumer as much as what's within.

For someone who didn't pursue a typical career route and just briefly attended university before quitting, Jane's journey has been astounding. Then, at the age of 19, she began working for her former employer as an apprentice in digital marketing before switching to the design team and rising to the position of one of the most senior creatives in the organisation.

"Wearing colour definitely does boost my mood, and that was my main driving force for starting the brand, Jane Hebden continued. "I started to find my most 'colourful self' during and after lockdown," she said.

Available from the end of June 2023 at


The pieces created by Amelia Scott are intended to empower and include everyone.

Embrace colour, celebrate individuality, and radiate happiness!..

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