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  • Emily Scales

TRICK OR TREND by Emily Scales for Glamville Magazine

Trick or Trend:

Turning the latest fashion trends into Halloween costumes

Halloween is the best time of year for those of us who love to get creative and dress up as our favourite movie characters or supernatural beings. But do you ever find yourself spending ridiculous amounts of money on a costume that you know you’ll never wear again?

If so, look no further: why not incorporate the latest fashion trends into this year’s costume, either by grabbing something straight from your wardrobe, or treating yourself to that item at the top of your wishlist…

Here’s a few ways to turn those trends into your next Halloween look:

The colour red

From Hailey Bieber’s strawberry-inspired style to Rihanna’s iconic Superbowl; red is back and it’s here to stay.

Style up a pair of red pumps with some blue and white pieces (a skirt or dress is ideal, but you can use whatever) to create the cutest Dorothy look from the Wizard of Oz. Little details such as white socks, hair bunches tied with ribbon, and a red lip will really bring this outfit together.

Any piece of red clothing can be worn to create some classic looks. The Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland is a costume you can add some DIY flare to, by pairing together your favourite red and black garms with some love-heart make up (red lipstick is a winner here), and adding a few playing cards onto your outfit with some safety pins or double-sided tape.

Freaky Fur

The colder weather is well and truly here, and fur coats have tagged along with it. A fur coat can elevate any outfit, so why not make it the statement piece of your Halloween costume? If you don’t already own one, charity and vintage clothing shops are the way to go!

Recreate the ultimate villain, Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, with your chicest office fit, accompanied by sunglasses, leather gloves, a fur coat, and a copy of Glamville’s latest issue in hand (of course).

If you have a lighter coloured fur coat in your collection, it would be rude not to dress up as Ryan Gosling’s Ken from this year’s Barbie movie. Style it with a pair of leather trousers and a black bikini or crop top, and add Ken’s signature bandana, sunglasses, and fingerless gloves to accessorise the look. Don’t forget to bring the attitude with it!

Y2K & 23

The Year-2000 aesthetic – AKA Y2K – has made a massive comeback in the last few years, signified by playful, innocent, and cheeky styles. And what better way to represent that than by dressing up as the ‘it-girl’ of 2000s, the Bratz doll.

Pull together all your Y2K pieces – yes, all (more is more!) – to create your Bratz doll fantasy. Low rise jeans, velour tracksuits, micro skirts, baby-tees, graphic crop tops, feather trims, platform sandals…the list is endless. Accessories are the key feature of any Bratz look, so feel free to go all out with them. Think chunky rings, beaded jewellery, visor sunglasses, butterfly clips, belly chains, and hoop earrings. Don’t forgot the signature Bratz doll lip – lots of liner and even more gloss.

Whatever you end up dressing up as this Halloween, try to be creative with what you already have at home, and as always, keep it trendy!

by Emily Scales

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