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Where? What? Who? We are counting the days... #streetlife77aSummerParty is coming!

Updated: Jul 5

The photography and modelling event of summer 2022 is just around the corner and it is held in one of the biggest Fashion capitals of the world, not just Europe - London!

Up your Game - Before the next big event comes to town, get your game on point! Stay informed and read on...

July 6th, London, something exciting is happening.

Some of the best creative's London has to offer, from many different fields, will gather for a summer networking event, bringing both new and some familiar faces together, for an afternoon of social mixing, fun and some serious posing in HLD Studios, overlooking St Paul's Cathedral.

Organiser Paul Todd aka streetlife77a shared with us his inspiration about the event and what his views are:

"Personally, it has been a very tough last few years and then suddenly we all experienced the pandemic together, which was extremely difficult for everyone, especially creative people and during this period, it helped made me realise that I needed to follow my own creative instincts and so I left my career behind and for the past 14 months, I have been channelling my creativity through photography."

He continues:

"I have met so many wonderful creative individuals along the way, that I decided that I wanted to do something a little different for what will actually be my birthday and bring as many of these amazing creative & diverse richness of talent together as possible, for an afternoon of sharing stories, networking and maybe even discussing future collaborations and projects."

The event is going to be full of glamorous guests including models, actors, artists, singers, musicians, designers, photographers & make up artists, that we will be spoilt with the talent that will come together and celebrate what I hope will be a memorable afternoon for all.

Organiser Paul Todd expressed how proud he is to received so much support for this event and so grateful for the sponsorship & coverage provided by two UK independent startup companies, the Soho Juice Company and Glamville Magazine.

On the question can he tell us specific names from the industry Paul smiles and responded:

"I have been asked by many people who is on the guest list and I respond with, wait & see.."

"With the creative industry, being so fluid and calls for work being often last minute, the guest list is always changing, but I'd like to give a mention to a handful of people across the creative spectrum that best highlights, the different fields represented for the event."

The incredibly talanted and inspirational

Antony Fitzgerald

"My name is Antony Fitzgerald and I am a 58 year old model of African/Caribbean descent challenging stereotypes within the Beauty and Fashion industry. To this end, I founded New Silver Generation as a resource to place models of colour over 50 in some of the best model agencies in the world."

New Silver Generation

Creator @antonyfitzgerald1964 is here to celebrate and promote mature models of colour, around 50 years old and over, within the fashion and beauty industry.



*Photo by ivanweiss.london

Stuart Tingini

“Molini London is a luxury satin and silk brand that uses “organic silks”. It was started after the creative director saw two ladies crossing a Parisian street, and was impressed with how timeless the slip dress was. The Camille slip dress is now the signature piece of the brand, but the brand also makes silk suits, kimonos, skirts and majestic wrap dresses. Everything is made locally, in East London. The creative director, Stuart Tingini, is hopefully Molini London will soon be associated with simple but luxurious silk pieces you can wear all year round.

Season two is out in September, and there shall be another presentation of that during London Fashion Week again”



*Photo by daphneakontidou

Ella Judge

Lens based practitioner Ella judge combines her love of the creative industry and technical skills to create unique and eye catching work.

Working as a model & creative director, Ella has partnered with brands such as Beaumont studios, im ohne, maison yole and charities such as Coppa feel & stand for Ukraine.

Originally trained as a contemporary dancer Ella also works across Europe as a dancer & aerial hoop artist performing for artists such as Digga D and black Koffee, at venues such as Annabelles & paradise Ibiza.

Combining her creative skills she also runs a creative hub in north London, we’re she offers advice & portfolio services for creatives entering the industry who may want to build confidence & knowledge.

Ella sees the power of social media & clever content creation and how it may be used to educate and inspire in a positive way.



*Photo by Bobby Giggz

Amber Donoso

Amber Donoso is an artist determined to create a fresh, exciting sound and forge a bold new path while staying true to the Latin background that inspires and defines her. This exceptionally talented singer and songwriter was born in the UK but spent her childhood frequently travelling between London and Chile. Making waves in the worlds of fashion and modelling, Amber never lost focus on her true passion for singing and songwriting, absorbing musical influence from both sides of the Atlantic while remaining deeply rooted in the rhythms of South America and the sounds of reggaeton.

After productive sessions spent in Miami’s Rebel 11 Studios working with top-tier producers, engineers and songwriters such as Santana, Ricardo Quintero, Los Rumbos and Jud Mahoney (known collectively for working with artists including Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Justin Timberlake) Amber recorded a collection of singles that are set to light the music industry on fire in 2022. Her next single “Bandolera”, stoking anticipation for a series of phenomenal releases that will introduce the world to a gifted artist ready to dominate both Latin America, North America, the UK and beyond, with music that colours the kinetic rhythms and rapturous spirit of reggaeton with neon-bright shades of R&B and pop.

Amber Donoso plans to continue recording and releasing singles throughout 2022, pushing forward a trailblazing crossover between the vitality and vigour of reggaeton, the melodic sensuality of R&B and the gorgeously catchy pop of Shakira and Gwen Stefani.

Amber also had her own Lashes company and is giving Glamville readers a 15% discount.

Simply DM on instagram the code AMBER15 @baklashed



*Photo by Rachel Sherlock

Jo Matei Art

Jo is a versatile artist, able to create using different mediums and different styles. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child and while still in high-school, she dedicated her focus on creating hyper-realistic portraits. In the last years however she has been experimenting with a wide range of styles and materials.

Her main source of inspiration remains the human subconscious and the darker aspects of reality. Through art, her aim is to encourage diversity and acceptance of everything that we consider "different" or "dark" in our personalities. Her fascination with the Jungian Shadow and the exploration of fears and dreams remain an important source for her creative streak.


Photo: Private archive

Meg Gardner

Meg is a designer specializing in womenswear,eveningwear and bridalwear.

Meg established her own label Meg J Gardner, to make a stand against fast fashion, by offering a more personal and sustainable approach to fashion, and has commited herself to creating high quality,slow fashion garments that are made with meticolous attention to detail and care.

Since her graduation,Meg has gained a reputation of creating beautiful and elegant pieces,often featuring intricate artisan details such as hand beading and applique techniques. She is now internationally published designer, recognised emerging designer and has had her work featured in over 10 magazine worldwide, as well as on Oxford Street.



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